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Managing Director

Donald Phillips, managing director of Phillips Development & Realty, LLC (PDR), has been in the real estate industry since the early age of 19. As one who considers family a huge driving force in his life, it is only fitting that Phillips began his career conducting his first real estate transaction with none other than his mother. With the property he purchased, costing only $18,000, he made a 40 percent return in just seven months.


  • Don Phillips takes the time to understand all sides of an issue and then creates win-win scenarios for all involved. He has a willingness to strike a balance on issues, which I find refreshing, compared to many in his industry.

    Glen D. Lang Former Mayor Of Cary, NC
  • They’re a pleasure to work with, mostly because they are always bringing creative ideas to the table, challenging us to improve the project’s design.

    Robert Preston The Preston Partnership